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One of the biggest things a car owner needs to deal with is the fact that cars eventually deteriorate over time. If you feel that your vehicle needs proper engine service, call J R'S Custom Pipe Bending. We offer engine inspections, pipe bending, and more in Odessa, MO.

All-Around Auto Services Available

We are a one-stop shop for many automotive problems that you may have. We offer automotive solutions for a myriad of different concerns. From faulty breaks to worn out tires, we are the company to trust for any vehicular concerns you and your car would have to deal with.

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We are mechanics known for doing honest and efficient work, and we would like to share our expertise with you. Contact us if you need any help in repairing your car. Our team of automotive experts is geared with the right knowledge and equipment to solve any issue your car may have. Call (816) 633-5005 today to experience quality auto repair services today.

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